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Esquina Comunitaria

Donde el cuidado médico se encuentra con la comunidad.

En Winters Healthcare, creemos en cultivar relaciones con miembros y socios en nuestra comunidad. Winters Healthcare valora los diversos e importantes papeles que desempeñan nuestros socios, y tenemos el privilegio de colaborar con ellos para servir a la comunidad de Winters.

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Local Partnerships

El Departamento de Policia de Winters colabora con WHF para ayudar a mantener un dialogo sobre la seguridad de la comunidad

Winters RISE, Inc is dedicated to helping Winters residents access valuable resources and social services

The California Health and Human Services Agency provides a range of social and healthcare services

Vision y Compromiso supports community well-being and supports Promotores and Community Health Workers.

The Yolo County Children’s Alliance believes in empowering children and families to live full and healthy lives.

Empower Yolo provides resources to expand and support community health

Nutrition and Exercise Education Program

The Si Se Puede! Nutrition Groups provide:

  • Hands on nutrition education

  • Cooking classes

  • Healthy recipes

  • Obesity prevention

  • Information on the importance of food for chronic disease management and prevention.

All participants receive health screenings every three months to monitor progress. Participants are supported by other group members and encouraged to maintain healthy lifestyles. Ana Kormos is the program director and educator.

Winters Healthcare Cookbook

Over the past 5 years we have developed a successful nutrition education program that includes: weekly group nutrition education and cooking classes, healthy recipes, and field trips to markets and grocery stores. We have received many requests from participants, as well as non-participants, for a cookbook that includes the seasonal recipes that have been used in the groups. This cookbook has been created by Ana Kormos, Clinical Operations Manager and Director of Outreach, in order to meet those requests from participants and provide an affordable book of easy, healthy recipes for everyone in the community.

Winters Community Garden

The Community Clinics Initiative (a partnership between the California Endowment and the Tides Foundation) awarded us a grant in 2008 that allowed us to create this beautiful garden for our community. The garden was created in partnership with the City of Winters, who donated the land, and the Sacramento Area Community Garden Coalition who provided expertise in design and implementation. The garden is home to 40 plots where families join together to grow their own healthy, seasonal produce.

Advocacy Events

  • Townhall with Congressman Garamendi

  • National Health Center Week

  • Immigration Forum

  • Hispanic Advisory Committee

Local Events

  • Youth Day is a long-standing tradition in the Winters community celebrating youth of all ages.

  • Festival de la Comunidad

Want to be partners/event? Contact Irene Goya-Tweedt