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The community we serve

Annually, we serve roughly 3,000 patients, and of those 3,000, four out of every six are Winters residents.

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53% of the patient population is primarily Spanish speaking, and 84% of our employees are bilingual speaking English and Spanish. 

33% (or 1 out of 3) of our patients fall under the scope of an agricultural worker.  

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COVID-19 Vaccines & Testing 

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We had administered over 9,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines to our community as well as neighboring communities. 


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In 2021 we have administered over 6,000 free  COVID-19 tests, and are doing more every week! 

We may be smaller than other health centers, but we aim high! 

In 2020, Winters Healthcare ranked in the top 25% for prenatal care, breast cancer screenings, and childhood immunizations out of roughly 14,000 health center locations (FQHC) in the United States.


We also surveyed some of our patients in 2020 (as we do every year!), and of those surveyed, the average rating of a visit with us was 4.9 out of 5 stars! 

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