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How to Keep it Together in a COVID World

We never saw it coming. And when we did — its effects were felt throughout the world. The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has virtually upended the way we live, work, and interact with one another. Social distancing, facemasks and more careful ways of navigating life have become our new normal. The pandemic has also brought challenges that can take an emotional toll on even the hardiest among us.

Fear and anxiety about catching COVID-19 can be overwhelming, causing high levels of stress and anxiety. Worries and fears about family, health, isolation, finances, schooling and avoiding exposure can result in changes in sleeping or eating patters, declining physical or mental health, and an increase in alcohol and drug usage in order to cope.

Here are some ways the professionals at Winters Healthcare recommend to prioritize your mental health if you’re feeling anxious and lonely:

Technology to the rescue:

Now more than ever, people have taken to social media and virtual meeting sites to help stay connected to each other. While it’s not the same as actually being in the same physical space, the face-to-face interaction can help bridge the social distance gap and the loneliness it can bring.

Get moving:

We all know the importance of getting regular physical exercise, but during this time when most gyms are closed, it’s important to get moving in other ways — like stepping out into the fresh air for some walking, hiking or biking.

Stay on schedule:

There is a comfort in routine and sticking as closely as possible to your normal schedule can add a measure of stability to your life. Just as important, take breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news stories. Hearing repeatedly about the pandemic can just add to extra anxiety and worry!

Be kind:

The act of checking in on your neighbors in need (while remaining at least six feet apart), and helping out by picking up their groceries and medicines, will be rewarding for both them and you. Acts of kindness like this go a long way, and serve as a reminder that there are others for whom this predicament is even more stressful.

Reach out for help:

You’re not alone in during these unprecedented times. Difficult times call for unified measures to help one another. At Winters Healthcare, we offer behavioral health services through phone and video, in addition to in-person visits, while still taking special consideration for high-risk groups. For more information, give us a call today.

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