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Prenatal Care & Women's Health

If it takes a village, then there’s a village here for you.

Women's Health

Birth Control

  • Placement/Removal of IUDs (Mirena and Paraguard)

  • Placement/Removal of Nexplanon (Arm Implant)

  • Referral for tubal ligation and vasectomies

  • Prescriptions of patches, pills, etc.

  • Free condoms

STD Testing and Treatment

  • Cancer Screening

  • Pap smears and pelvic exams

  • Orders for mammography and ultrasound

  • Referral for colposcopy

Evaluation and treatment for irregular menstrual bleeding

  • Endometrial biopsy

  • Lab testing and treatment for heavy/painful bleeding or missed periods

  • Pregnancy testing

Prenatal Care

Dr. Mitchell will be your doctor throughout your pregnancy – both at the clinic and at the hospital for delivery

Prenatal Education

Diet and Nutrition Counseling

Breastfeeding/Lactation Counseling

Stress & Emotion Care

Coordination transfer of care to hospital

Call anytime, we are usually able to get you in within a day or for an appointment to confirm the pregnancy with a urine test done in the office. At that visit, the provider will discuss your options, whether you choose to continue the pregnancy or not. You will then be scheduled for your next visit within a week.

At the next visit you will meet with our prenatal counselor, who will discuss important topics about pregnancy health, review your personal and family health history to see if any additional testing is appropriate.  Your counselor will also help get you set up with Medi-Cal insurance, WIC, and link you to dental care if needed. Expect to spend about 40 minutes at this visit plus blood work.

While at the clinic that day, you will get standard blood and urine tests done and be scheduled for your first appointment to meet with Dr. Mitchell.

Dr. Mitchell will work with you throughout the entire pregnancy and delivery! She is a Family Medicine physician who also does Obstetrics, so she will be able to care for your newborn after delivery as well if you choose. You will meet with her once a month in the clinic for the first 2 trimesters of the pregnancy, then more frequently as you get closer to your due date. She has available appointments during the morning, afternoon, and evening on various days of the week.

She delivers babies at Woodland Memorial Hospital, so if you choose to deliver there, she will be on call for you when you go into labor. She will also work closely with you (available by pager even when the clinic is closed) if any concerns come up, like unusual pain, early contractions, or concerns for infection.

After the delivery at Woodland, Dr. Mitchell will continue to see both you and your baby at the hospital until you are both ready to go home. You and baby will then be able to continue your care together at the clinic, where we also have a pediatrician and breast feeding consultant (who can do home visits if needed) to help support your new family!

  • How soon should I come to the clinic if I missed my period or had a positive home pregnancy test?
    The earlier the better, but anytime before 10 weeks after your last period is ideal. This way we can discuss important pregnancy-specific health issues and do standard blood and urine tests
  • What If I don’t have insurance?
    Our team of financial advisors will help get you set up for OB-Medi-Cal or other programs that you may qualify for. In California, all pregnant women (regardless of citizenship status) qualify for insurance. Our clinic never turns away patients for lack of insurance.
  • Where can I get blood and urine tests done
    We can draw all testing right inside the clinic. You don’t need to go to a separate laboratory.
  • What if I need to see a counselor for anxiety or depression?
    We have two psychologists on staff who are here to work with you and your doctor to manage your mental health issues.
  • Are there medications or foods I should avoid when I’m pregnant?
    It’s always best to discuss any medication with the doctor before taking it, but Tylenol (acetaminophen) is generally safe for minor headaches and pains
  • Is it normal to have vaginal bleeding or cramping when pregnant?
    It depends of the amount and the timing. Call the clinic or speak with your doctor immediately if you have concerns.
  • Where can I get prenatal vitamins and when should I start taking them?
    Ideally, prenatal vitamins are started before conception, but should be continued throughout pregnancy. You can buy them over the counter or your doctor can prescribe them for you (some insurances cover the cost)
  • When will I get to hear the baby’s heart beat?
    Early in pregnancy, the heart is very, very small. It is not until about 10-12 weeks of pregnancy that you will be able to hear the heartbeat by the Doppler the doctor uses in the office
  • When will I get to see the baby on ultrasound?
    In a healthy pregnancy, most insurances will only pay for one ultrasound. This is usually done at 20 weeks of pregnancy in order to see all the organs (heart, lungs, stomach, etc) that before that time are not developed/large enough to see. However, the clinic is in the process of purchasing it’s own ultrasound machine so that you can see the pregnancy at your first visit with Dr. Abdalla.

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Insurance Enrollment Services

Our enrollment specialists can help you sign up for a number of health and service programs. At no cost to you, we can help you enroll in the following programs:


Family Pact (FPACT)

Cancer Detection Program: Every Woman Counts

Healthy Families

Healthy Kids

Kaiser Child Health Plan



Presumptive Eligibility for Medi-Cal

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Affordable Care Act and Covered California

Covered California is where Californians can shop for and compare quality health plans. You may even get help paying for it.

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