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Quality Corner 

Because Transparency Matters

The community we serve

Annually, we serve roughly 3,200 patients,

and 64% of our patients live in Winters.

52% of our patient

population is primarily Spanish speaking.

80% of our staff also is Spanish speaking. 

About 1 out of every 3 of our patients (30%) are agricultural workers

COVID-19 Vaccines & Testing 

2023 badges.png

In 2022 alone, we administered over 2,400 doses of COVID-19 vaccines to our community as well as neighboring communities. 

We may be smaller than other health centers, but we aim high! 

In 2020, Winters Healthcare ranked in the top 25% for prenatal care, breast cancer screenings, and childhood immunizations out of roughly 14,000 health center locations (FQHC) in the United States.


We also surveyed some of our patients in 2020 (as we do every year!), and of those surveyed, the average rating of a visit with us was 4.9 out of 5 stars! 

Want to tell us about your experience at Winters Healthcare? Give us your feedback here

2022 Annual Community Report

Interested in how 2022 went for us and want to learn about all the exciting things to come? Click below to read our first Community Report! 

2022 Community Health Needs Assesment 

The purpose of this community health needs assessment (CHNA) was to identify and prioritize the significant health needs of the Yolo County (Yolo) community. The priorities identified in this report help to guide the health improvement efforts of Woodland Memorial Hospital, Sutter Davis Hospital, and Yolo County Health and Human Services, Community Health Branch.

This report stems from Yolo County residents being surveyed. 

To view the entire 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment, please click here. 

Annual Report
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